VDB Ventures Offers Packaged Pay per Click to Lloydminster Businesses

Lloydminster, Alberta (May 25, 2015) Pay-per-click (PPC) is one of the best forms of online advertising for two main reasons: one, it’s targeted, meaning the people who click the ad have higher chances for conversion; and two, it’s cost-effective because the marketer only has to pay for targets who click the ad and visit the website. VDB Ventures, a leading SEO company providing pay per click service to Lloyminster businesses, is excited to announce that it’s now offering a PPC package targeting Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, and Kijiji.

The said package includes 5 ads for Google Adwords, 3 ads for Facebook, and 1 banner ad for Kijiji. The initial setup costs $149 while $99 will be paid for each of the succeeding monthly services. The payment is divided between the three: $30 for Google PPC, $30 on Facebook PPC, and $30 for 3000 impressions on Kijiji. Each ad platform offers unique advantages to businesses who wish to integrate pay per click to Lloyminster digital marketing campaigns


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