Pay-Per-Click and Google Adwords: Keys to Internet Marketing Success

Local advertising techniques such as pay-per-click in Lloydminster as well as Google AdWords are excellent ways to boost sales and increase revenue margins. Google AdWords and pay-per-click services are able to generate massive amounts of revenue. This can be highlighted in the fact that Amazon spent no less than $55.2 million dollars on AdWords campaigns in 2011 alone (1). This very same principle holds true for any small- to medium-sized Lloydminster business.

A Look at Pay-Per-Click Principles

Let us assume for a moment that a Lloydminster enterprise wishes to bolster its current rankings and increase its clickthrough rates. Pay-per-click advertising is a great way to start. In essence, PPC campaigns revolve around a company placing an advertisement on a specific website. When a user clicks on this “banner ad”, the same company will pay a small sum of money to the site where the advertisement was hosted.


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